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Our ministry of prayer cells work all week in different homes in Dade and Broward County. The ministry provides an opportunity for believers of the area to join in prayer for personal needs, family issues, for local situations, national, global, etc. ... It is also ideal for those people who do not belong to any church and want no commitment, yet seek His spiritual direction in everyday life. It is a time of healing and spiritual rest for our souls. These programs have fellowship,  we devotional Bible devotions, and prayer.

In our church we believe that the praise of God is one of the most important and necessary expressions of Christian worship. The music department coordinates and manages all activities of the church's music. We offer our voices and lives as a sacrifice of praise to our Lord and Savior. We have a band, a group of worship, and several soloists.

This program is designed for youth of all ages, nationalities and cultures. Our meetings include: studying the Word, movies, Christian music, dramas, and fellowship. We enjoy many different activities as bowling, skating, camping, concerts, games and social events. Sundays 10:00 a.m. Bible Study designed for bilingual youths. We have a youth softball team that competes in a league of Christian churches, for more information contact us.

Meetings on Saturdays, once a month in different homes. Fellowship in way that promotes a ministry of women from young adults. Designed to promote spiritual growth, fellowship, and learning. These meetings promote supporting and promoting missionary work and missionary offerings. We believe that women play an important role in leadership of the local church. The meetings promote the biblical teachings of  faith, prayer, and the female character.

Meeting on Saturdays, once a month in different homes. This ministry of men from young adults and on, is designed for participants to develop friendships during the time of fellowship and learning as it offers an environment that provides motivation, support and spiritual growth. One of the emphases we do is in the formation of character that God wants and expects of men. We go through the Bible to find male characteristics of God's heart. We also joined to support and learn about our mission work, and look at the ways in which we serve.

Ministries for children under 11 years. It is a special program aimed to minister to children with a biblical message all while keeping it fun for their age.
10:00 a.m.-Bible study
11:00 11:45 - participate in a part of the worship service
11:45 to 12:30-has an exciting program that includes Bible teaching, music, games, drawing and much more.Depending on the time of year, the kids have their activities and prepare for special presentations. Come bring your child!

The golden years ministry is designed for the needs and companionship of adults 50 years and older. It is a special program aimed to minister with a biblical message with fun activities that cater to the age group. This program includes Bible teaching, music, trips to different places including retirement camp in Lake Yale, to Holy Land, the beach, and more.

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